Yarn Along

Joining the Yarn Along this week with Ginny at Small Things.

As far as books go, I’m still working my way through the Game of Thrones books. Progress has been a little slow on reading this week.

I’ve made a lot more progress with my knitting this week, though. I’ve cast on the Garter Stitch Swingy Sweater. It’ll be my first adult-sized sweater. I did a little baby sweater earlier this year as one of my first ever projects, but this one is for me! I’m using KnitPicks Comfy Worsted in Marina. It’s so soft and pretty! I think this sweater (assuming my knitting is up to par on it) is going to turn out really nicely. It’s a very simple pattern, so it should be good mindless knitting for the most part. Just a little bit of learning to do on the sweater construction front. I’m enjoying it so far!


My First Knit Night

This past week, I got to attend my first knit night with a friend of mine at our Local Yarn Store. We are SUPER lucky because our LYS is The Loopy Ewe, which is amazing. The people are so nice and helpful and the store has a really great selection of all things yarn-related. They have an awesome online store, too. You should definitely check them out if you haven’t before.

I got to meet some fun ladies and just hang out and knit with them for a few hours. It was great to have people around who love knitting the way that I do. There were all different skill levels and all kinds of projects being worked on. Lots of inspiration and plenty of people to ask for help if I needed it.

While there, I finished up the mitts for my mother-in-law. They turned out pretty well, I think! I still think the yarn is gross, but the pattern was a nice one. I gave them to my MIL today when we visited for a little Mother’s Day lunch. They fit just perfectly and she was really pleased with them. I hope she’ll enjoy them and get a lot of use out of them.

I’ll definitely be going back to knit night again. I think it’ll just be better every time as I get to know the other ladies a little bit more.

Yarn Along

Joining with Ginny at Small Things for this week’s Yarn Along.

This week, among other projects, I’m working on some finger-less mitts for my mother-in-law. She said her hands get cold while she’s reading, so she asked me to make her some. She picked out her own yarn and pattern. The pattern is Sherwood Mitts and it’s been a pretty fun one to work on. The yarn is just kind of gross, cheapo yarn and it’s not so pleasant.

For the most part, this pattern is just super quick and easy. It has a Vikkel Braid detail (it’s the sideways braided part) in a couple of places, which took a few tries to get right, but I’m pretty happy with it. My MIL has larger than usual hands, so I may end up making this first mitt a practice round and knitting two more a little bit bigger for her.

I didn’t have a book to take a picture of this week because I’m reading one on my Nook right now. It’s one of the Game of Thrones series. It’s either number three or four, I’m not sure which. I bought a set of the books on my Nook and it doesn’t tell me which book I’m in. My husband and I have been watching the show on Netflix and I want to make sure I stay ahead on the story line so that I know what the heck is going on. Even having read the books, it’s still hard to keep up sometimes.

What are you working on?

An FO and a Weird Week

First things first, I finished my first sock! After you finish one, the second one just knits itself, right? No?

I know this picture is super goofy looking. I asked my husband to pose for me and this is what he chose. Laying in the floor with his leg out like a bozo. (Sorry honey, I know you’re reading this. It was a weird choice.)

I’m glad to have the sock done. I learned a lot of new things working on it. It’s not perfect and there are things that are bugging me about it, but it’s a good first attempt. The second sock may not be a perfect match to the first because I want to address the things that were off with the first, but it’ll be alright. They’re destined to just be snuggly house socks, anyway. Perfection not necessary.

The last week has been a weird one for sure. Looking back at the events, I should really not be feeling as well as I am right now. I’ll just be thankful to be feeling alright, though.

I found out at the end of last week that I won’t have a job for next year. I work at a school library and they had to make some job cuts for budget purposes. They cut three positions at the school, none of which were mine. But one of the people that did get cut has a six-year contract that has to be honored, so the higher ups have said that she has to be put into my job. It’s a situation that no one is really happy with. My principal and the librarian I work with both want me to stay and the other lady doesn’t want my job, but it’s just something that we have to deal with.

I’m ok with this because I know that it wasn’t a job I was going to have long-term. I really enjoy the job, but it’s not a career-type job. I’m going to be working with my husband after the school year ends. He’s a Realtor and needs an assistant, so now he’ll have one. It’ll mean working from home and getting to take care of my home and my husband, which is what I really want to be doing. And once we start having kids, I was planning to be at home with them anyway. This is just a jump start, I suppose.

Speaking of having kids, I had another miscarriage over the weekend. I wasn’t really expecting to be pregnant this go round and things didn’t look good from the start, so I didn’t get my hopes up. It wasn’t as bad as last time – emotionally or physically, so that’s a good thing. It’s still disappointing, of course, but not devastating. It changes our plans going forward with fertility treatments, because we’re going to have to do testing for recurrent pregnancy loss. Hopefully that’ll be a good thing and this miscarriage is just pointing us in the right direction faster than we would’ve gone otherwise. We’ll see, I guess.

As a pretty timely gift, I got to have another snow day today. It’s been really nice to have a day to be at home and just do quiet things that I like doing. I know it’ll be good to have taken a day to just be nice to myself and take it easy.

That’s about it for today. Thanks for reading!

Snow Day

Last Wednesday, we had the most snow I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m a Colorado transplant from Texas, so snow is something I don’t have a ton of experience with. This is/was my third winter here and still the most snow we’ve had since the move. We had about 15 inches at our place, but some parts of town had over 20. Jared and I got out in it and went for a walk, which my Texas friends thought was bonkers. I was just glad to finally have enough snow for them to cancel school, which meant a day off of work for me.

For a fun snow day activity, I decided to make myself some body scrub. A friend of mine gave me a recipe for it a while back, so I thought I’d give it a try. I love bath products. Especially fun and/or natural ones. This one is both. It’s just sugar, kosher or sea salt, olive oil and some sort of essential oil or other kind of fragrance. I decided to do eucalyptus for this batch. Next time, I think I want to use grapefruit zest and see how that goes. Sounds like a good idea. In case you want to make some for yourself, here are the measurements:

-1 1/2 cups sugar

-1/3 cup kosher or sea salt (I’ll probably adjust the ratio next time to make it more salt and less sugar. I like it to be extra scrubby.)

-1 cup olive oil (I’ll probably use less next time. It’s pretty oily.)

-1/4 teaspoon of whatever essential oil you want OR you can use the zest of your favorite citrus

Mix it all up and put it in whatever containers you have available. Mine are some empty pots I had leftover from some Lush products. I love Lush.


I’m sure sick of snow, though. Come on, spring!! It’s nearly May already, for cryin’ out loud.

Yarn Along and a Fertility Update

First, my Yarn Along. I’m joining with Ginny at Small Things.

Photobomber Steve! He just needed some love right this minute, please. So, works in progress!

I’m working on Jared’s socks, still. Disregard those wonky twisted stitches. I figured it out, but I’m too lazy to rip back. Especially on my first pair of socks. Jared will wear my mishaps proudly. I took this picture a day or two ago, so I wouldn’t forget to post it. I’m through the heel flap now. I had to watch a lot of videos to figure out what the heck I was doing for the whole heel area. The internet is a wonderful thing.

The green is my Pine Forest Baby Blanket that I talked about starting here. So far, so good. I LOVE THIS YARN! It’s Knitpicks Comfy in Peapod and it is SO soft and squishy. Love it. Also, this is my first lace pattern, so that’s fun. I think it’s going to be a gorgeous blanket. Hopefully I’ll be able to resist the urge to gift it to one of my sweet pregnant friends and keep it for it’s intended purpose: my project of faith that I will have a baby someday. I may have to lock it up.

The book I’m reading is All Wound Up by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka Yarn Harlot. It’s short essays about knitting and it’s delightful.


Fertility Update:

Jared and I had some tests done last week. I had Day 21 blood work done – everything looks great. Jared had the ole swimmer test and everything was great there, too. So, that’s all good news. A little frustrating with the lack of helpful information, but good that there aren’t any problems so far. Next up will be an HSG for me, so we’ll see how that goes.

As always, thanks for reading! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Yarn Along

Joining with Ginny for this week’s Yarn Along:

This week, I’m working on my very first pair of socks. I’m also using DPNs for the first time. So far, so good. I picked a beginner sock pattern in worsted weight yarn, so it’s not too tricky. The socks are for my husband. He loves warm wool socks, so it’ll be fun to be able to make them for him.

I’m reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth. It’s the sequel to Divergent and so far, I’m loving it. I finished Divergent just the other day and I couldn’t wait to get started on this one. It’s easy reading and a really good page-turner. It’s futuristic fantasy set in a dystopian society. Kind of has a Hunger Games/The Giver feel. It’s great!